permutations, fractures and stolen door-drawings

new algebra of things(study)

triptych portrait of omar khayyam +


syntactical exercises

WIELS residency program

working at WIELS residency program, July-December 2018

Ηabent sua fata libelli (Pro captu lectoris ), EMST 2018

Habent sua fata libelli (Pro captu lectoris ) literally:Books have their destiny (According to the capabilities of the reader)photos by Sarah De Wilde

algebric regression

porcelain casted objects
study on material exhaustion and physical regression

polis, actopolis

polis-police-police de caractère
text based work, egg tempera on wall
front plane work by Kostis Velonis, on the corner work by Natasa Biza

Actopolis, Athens 2017
exhibition curated by Elpida Karaba and Glykeria Stathopoulou (PAT)
organized by Goethe institute, Athens

3-16/11/2017 exhibition hall of Athens School of Fine Arts

new algebra of things

new algebra of things,
porcelain casted object, exact dimensions

for Spyropoulos' foundation at Museum Vorres

installation view
on the right: Figure of Speech A and Figure of Speech A through B
oil on canvas 80x100cm (each)
on the left: work by Xenophon Bitsikas


a+, 2017
acrylic on dyed fabric 29x41cm


Ocarina, woodcut, 40x50cm
 egyptian goddess Nut, Nuit, Night, Νύχτα

figures of speech #71, #72

figures of speech #71, #72
suggested dyptich
stretched cotton, acrylic, 80x100cm each

offset choices

light conditioning at ISET, Athens


Anelixis, OMBLOS 2017

door handle ISET

welcome, OMBLOS 2017
photo also published at
(Greek text)

Asynchronous 4a, 4b

boxed research boards, diptych, mixed media
(77x107cm each)

review of the exhibition Perished Sun

review of the exhibition Perished Sun at Kalfayan galleries
written by Maria Nicolacopoulou for Frieze

Figures of Speech #54, #55

Figures of Speech #54, #55, oil paint on well prepared canvas
as they are shown at Kalfayan galleries for Perished Sun exhibition
with Kostis Velonis, Panos Tsagaris

Indιcopleustes (voyager to India)

tabernacle-shaped cosmos by Kosmas Indicopleustes, 6th AD
(theoretical plan of the universe)


για τον γιάννη βαλαβανίδη
(στην βιβλιοθήκη της ΑΣΚΤ, 2005
φωτ. Βασιλική Πανταζή)

notes on "RB by RB"

towards writing
two colors woodcut, letterset 32x25cm
προς τη γραφή, δίχρωμη ξυλογραφία και
κείμενο στοιχειοθετημένο στο χέρι.

algebric alternations

oil on well prepared canvas and pvc cut out 80x100cm each

Jardin National

Nationale Tuin, Jardin National, Εθνικός Κήπος, 2016
woodcut, two colors

Algebric variations

Algebric variations II,
woodcut, print 35x45cm
on Hahnemuhle 330 gr paper

My heart has been always longing

Myn hert altyt heeft verlanghen (Mijn hart altijd heeft verlangen)
song title written from Pierre de la Rue (Brussels, 1492),
rewritten here with Greek letters that Robert Granjon cut few years later(1570)in Antwerp.
Letterpress card 20x15 cm, 17 numbered copies a-r.
Hypothetically, in order to read the card, you need a person who can read Greek and one who understands Dutch. Or simpler, one who speaks both languages.

Figure of speech

Figure of speech(color tests), three color wood cut prints.

form 2012-2016

up: diagrams, oilpaint on well prepared canvas, 2012
down: natural stone, 2016,  thanks to Henke

Polis' matrix

matrix and print
thanks to Lambros from Entypoerga printshop, Athens

Gar(Γαρ) shown

hand printed relief print 86x123cm
19.275% enlargement
Γάρ/gar(because, due in Greek) is a ligature from the Greek typeface MA 95 Jolie Grecque
which Robert Granjon cut to Cristophe Plantin’s order in 1574-75. 
The set was never competed and it is never been used. 
Strikes and matrices of the typeface are part of the collection of the  Museum Plantin Moretus, Antwerp. 
Gar(Γαρ) been exposed during the Billboard 2016,
Antwerp, Oever.

The Ister, 5-6/3/2016 at Circuits + Currents

The Ister, an upstream journey to the heart of Europe
Ο Ίστρος, ένα άναντες ταξίδι στην καρδιά της Ευρώπης

5-6/3/2016 Circuits+Currents, Notara 13 and Tositsa, Exarcheia, Athens
more info at CC

Saturday 5 March 2016
19:00 talks by Vangelis Bitsoris (writer, translator) and 
Takis Koumbis (architect, lecturer ASFA)
20:00 film screening, The Ister (part 1)
Sunday 6 March 2016
18:00 talks by Blitz (theatre group) and Yorgos Zois (film director)
19:00 film screening, The Ister (part 2)

all talks will be held in Greek, film with English subtitles

Radical Reading 19/2/2016

Responding to Jupiter Woods’ new exploration, a series of public ‘peer mentoring’ events, Radical Reading presents an account of their curatorial practice and speculations, a staging of hidden processes, pending projects, messy intentions; a summary of retrieved sensorial and archival materials arranged and performed in Jupiter Woods for an evening, on Friday 19 February 2016.
Part of the presentation will be the publication of a series of artist eBooks by Theodoros Giannakis, Georges Jacotey, Yannis Papadopoulos, Nayia Savva, Eftychios Savvidis, Stefania Strouza and Valinia Svoronou.

M8 green table

M8 domestic condition beyond scenography
(photo by Sarah De Wilde)

Her Majesty's beauty

Monotype caster in full function, run by the "chef" Josef Vidali.
1900's technology will allow us to cast fresh letters for "Jolie".
Hot metal evenings at Diatton publishings basement, Athens.
Team: Giorgos Matthiopoulos, Alekos Yeles, Josef Vidalis, Nikos Vozikis and Yiannis Papadopoulos.

The view of two men

...the view of two men, one of them knows what he sees.

from Fifteen Exhaustions, p.37
wooden star publishing, 2015

Hausbesuch, De Wilden studio 22/10/2015

Organized by Goethe-Institut Brüssel, in De Wilden, Antwerp.
Sebastian Gramss(contrabass) and Anya Senognoeva(dance)
perform before Pas Encore.
photos by Marianne Hommersom

symptom project 6, Amfissa

Pages (L-R) shown in Rims and Frontiers
curated by Evangelia Ledaki
(relief print, artist's iron frame)


dismantling of Exhaustion.
floor ellipse divided in 9 pieces
photos Stella Tsagkaraki

Lung Neaw visits his neighbours at the Cycladic Art Museum 10/09/2015

Within the framework of the work Exhaustion for the Deste prize 2015,
Yiannis Papadopoulos proposes the screening of the
Rirkrit Tiravanija's film Lung Neaw visits his neighbours (2011).
The film will be shown on Thursday September the 10th, 2015 at 17:00 at the Auditorium of the Cycladic Art Museum.

one-off pas encore/όχι ακόμα

installation view at De Wilden 11/8/2015
photo by Oliver Leu